Dragnet 2014 Lineup announced!

Dragnet will be hosted by Cathi Unsworth and Travis Elborough.

lineup2Highlights of the day include:

Pioneering psychogeographer Iain Sinclair explores the life and work of the late great Derek Raymond and much else besides with the aid of Cathi Unsworth.

The Cesarians. Part Kurt Weil, part Jacques Brel, part Ernst Kirchner, a seven-piece band who have played with Adam Ant and Turner-prize winning artist Martin Creed.

Crime Writer’s Assocation Gold Dagger Award winner, Lilian Pizzichini – reading Making a Killing at the Kursaal, about Southend’s famous landmark, from her family memoir, Music Night at the Apollo.

The Sohemian Society Players. A Drop of Tea With Acid is a murderous brew of mystery and satire inspired by the crimes of the infamous 1940s ‘Acid Bath’ killer and consummate spiv John George Haigh, written by Marc Glendening and starring Callum Coates, Duncan Bolt and Emma Brown.

Cathi Unsworth in conversation with Travis Elborough about the Dark Currents that run between the coast and crime fiction.

Writer and musician Max Décharné, whose books include Capital Crimes and the slang dictionary Straight From The Fridge, Dad, will be laying down the righteous word on criminal slang through the ages.

Syd Moore and Mark Pilkington in discussion about local Fortean curiosities: witches, smugglers and highwaymen.

Sophie Loyer, gypsy-blues-jazz violinist.

Paul Willetts talks about his book, North Soho 999, which traces a murder that took place on the streets of Soho in the 1940s and which prompted a nationwide manhunt that eventually focused on Southend.

Anna Whitwam the author of acclaimed crime novel, Boxer Handsome, interviewed by writer Ann Scanlon about women working in the corrupt worlds of sport and popular music, where they are not always made welcome by men.

Benedict Newbery the poet stalks the Dorset coast in verse and time.


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